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Beta Arbutin
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Beta Arbutin

Product Name: Beta Arbutin

CAS No.: 497-76-7

Molecular weight: 272.25

Molecular formula: C12H16O7

Appearance: White powder

Assay (HPLC):99.5% 


1.Arbutin in acidic environment easy decomposition, attention to the system pH value control in 6.0 above
2.Should be used in a small amount of arbutin dissolved in water at 45 ℃ until the cream emulsification is complete at 45 ℃ by adding
3.Formula system should be added the right amount of antioxidants such as sodium bisulfite and so on
4.Formulation with zwitterionic surfactants and anionic surfactants can be effective compatibility
5.By adding oleic acid, linoleic acid, natural vegetable oil, can promote synergistic effect of arbutin
6.Azone, octadecyl dimethyl amine oxide can promote the absorption of arbutin
7.Recommended dosage: 2 ~ 7%.


1. Reduce skin pigmentation, eliminate pigmentation and freckles
2. There are sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect.

Application: for the preparation of high-level cosmetics

Packing: 1kg aluminum foil bag.

Storage: shading, sealed, stored in a dry place.

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